Reality Ensues: Drinking 17 cans of anything, let alone crab juice, will give most people a Potty Emergency. Homer tries to remove the boot on his car with a jackhammer. He ends up damaging the car even more, breaking the windows through the force of the vibrations and filling the car with holes when he misses. The Peeping Tom: In one episode, Benny is peeping through a beautiful woman’s window when a policeman grabs him by the shoulder and says, « You are under arrest for being a peeping. ». At this point the woman starts undressing and both Benny and the policeman can only stand there, entranced by the view. Once the woman is down to bra and panties she draws the shades (still unaware that she was being watched) and the policeman grabs Benny again and finishes his arrest by saying, « Tom! » Pervy Patdown: One sketch has Benny playing a wrestler.

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Replica Handbags Government should shut down mosques; yes, just like Nazi Germany closed synagogues. Should we have our own version of Kristallnacht now? Worse, if there can be a worse, pining for the good old days of internment camps for the Japanese during World War II, Trump suggests that the government create a database to track Muslims much like the Nazis tracked Jews. Perhaps we should require that all Muslims wear yellow crescent moons to make them easier to identify. Deadly Disc: Buzz Lightyear throws discs at Emperor Zurg during the video game opening sequence and the fight on top of the elevator. Demand Overload: In Universe. When the Buzz Lightyear action figures originally came out, « short sighted retailers » underestimated just how big the demand would be, and the initial run completely sold out in a few days Replica Handbags.