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Then, on Thursday, July 7, five Dallas police officers were killed when Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, fired on them with a rifle at the end of a peaceful demonstration to protest police killings of black men. In the ensuing exchange of fire, seven officers and two civilians were injured. Johnson, an African American man and a United States military veteran who had reportedly been planning the attack for some time, was killed hours later with a bomb carried by a robot after a standoff with police in a downtown parking garage..

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Several vehicles in the lot were also entered by unknown means. Aug. 14. Was most rewarding was seeing the parents and how much passion they have for the cause and how they do anything for their child, Streich said. I skating and it a tough day, I think about how a lot of other people have a tougher time than we do. End Story area >.

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« I don’t know if you can make up for scallops monetarily. It’s not going to be the dollars, but fish are coming across the dock and it keeps people working, » DiDomenico said. The Lobster House docks, unloaded 50,000 pounds of scup from the 95 foot Susan L., a boat that also catches scallops but was refitted with nets this winter to drag the ocean for fluke and scup..

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