Editing and essay that is proofreading: good quality and professional work of professionals Editing (redactus – creating an order lat in just about any text- is a collection of actions that prepare the writing for book (promotion). Editor solutions in text processing may include editorial modifying (literary modifying). Editorial analysis is distinguishing the benefits and drawbacks of a text when it comes to logic and attributes of the genre, design and structure. Any text, “waiting for publication » requires appearance from the exterior, a sort of editorial audit. Proofreading: its primary task “Edit” may be the typical title for phases and kinds of editorial and proofreading of text. The easiest analogue is “redistribution” in metallurgy. There are numerous kinds of editorial modifying. Editing-proofreading is considered the most « lightweight » kind of editorial editing; verification with the first. It had been specially typical into the age of typewriters. Edit-reduction is decreasing the level of the written text without losing the fundamental definitions. […]