They were in the back of the shop when they heard the truck hit the van. Powell said he saw two police officers in plain clothes standing outside the van with their guns drawn, pointed at the truck. They kept their weapons out after the shooting until other officers showed up, he said.

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He was good, especially his movement, whenever we were attacking. The only problem was that he was not strong enough to keep hold of the ball against their strong midfielders and defenders. He will definitely improve.. We said at our last meeting that we are quite happy with the 6% to 8% growth rate. So we have, as we have indicated or communicated, put a turnaround plan in place. It is far too early to say that this is the early indications of this.

What is incoming boss Trevor Linden vision for the future?. With all these distractions, no wonder this team faded down the stretch. Stay tuned folks. At the other end of the table are the Sabres, Oilers, Coyotes, then Hurricanes and Leafs scraping the bottom of the barrel. Really think of the Blue Jays and baseball? But it interesting to surmise where McDavid will land, or where you would like to see him play. Our man Willes, for what it worth, thinks he is absolutely the next Sidney Crosby..

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Chicago RW Marian Hossa is on the injured list with an upper body injury and was not activated. Chicago C Marcus Kruger has been placed on the injured list. Blues RW Nail Yakupov was out because of illness.. The Federal Government should not be involved in a bailout, nor should there be a freeze on interest rates. The underlying problem is not the ballooning payments, but the fact that homeowners cannot sell their homes. The housing market is so bad, largely because the economy is in very poor condition.