« Get real. Don’t tell the middle class this is for them, » House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi admonished Republicans as she spoke in a press conference. « You’ve set a banquet for the wealthy and corporate America and thrown a few crumbs » to the middle class.

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What I asking you to do is to realize that was yesterday. Who are you going to be today? Who do you want to be deep down in you heart. When my wife died and left me to raise my two sons that were four years old and seven years old I was devastated. This period was marked by constant strife among the rival orders in Tibet. Accounts vary, but it is possible that Yonten Gyatso was assassinated. His death marked the start of a period of persecution of the Gelugpa by the Kagyupa (Red Hat) order, which was powerful in western and eastern Tibet..

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The CFL players of the week are RedBlacks running back Jonathan Williams (offence), Stampeders defensive end Shawn Lemon (defence), Argos kicker Swayze Waters (special teams) and RedBlacks defensive end Justin Capicciotti. Toronto snapped a league wide 29 game streak in which the winning team had the same number or fewer turnovers than its opposition. The Argos beat the Eskimos on Saturday despite committing two turnovers to Edmonton’s one.

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OneWest rose from the ashes of IndyMac Bank, a failed Pasadena based bank that was seized by federal regulators in July 2008 and put under control of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. IndyMac collapse was fueled by its strategy of issuing adjustable rate, Alt A mortgage loans to borrowers, many of whom had limited financial resources. When those loans began to reset at higher interest rates, many borrowers could no longer make their monthly mortgage payments and loan defaults began piling up, causing the bank stock to plummet.